Artist's Statement


There can be surprising beauty or mystery in the very ordinary things (or people) we routinely encounter. To demonstrate this notion in my representational pencil drawings, I may focus quite intently on the subject, even to the exclusion of most or all of its context.  Another approach I sometimes use is to remove the ordinary thing from its ordinary situation, placing it into a different environment, so that its effect or meaning may be altered.  For example, I may depict a tree in an alternative habitat rather than the one it actually occupies, especially if it really exists in a parking lot.


I often use my own photographic reference as I compose and render my drawings, but sometimes the work is partly or wholly imaginary.


I employ a variety of drawing techniques, from very fine crosshatching to loose, random strokes that may become scribbles.  Most of the time I use sharply pointed leads of varying hardness, drawing on smooth-plate Bristol board; however, I may also work on acid-free mat board or a wood panel that is prepared with gesso or other drawing ground.



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